Thank You Thank You!

Last night was our Reopening Party, an event that we've been looking forward to since we first took over the Hambledon Gallery, and we were blown away by how many of you came and helped make it such an unforgettable event for us.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

It felt like the perfect launch for our start in the shop, and all the mulled wine and mince pies were the perfect way to kick off the festive season.

But the most special part of the evening was the opportunity to meet so many people for whom The Hambledon Gallery holds a special place in their heart. It was a pleasure to chat, share stories, and hear your amazing feedback and suggestions (men's clothes - we're on it.)

By the end of the night, our faces ached from smiling so much, and we all felt as tired as our youngest helper Isabel (see above.)

Once again, thank you for joining us in this celebration and thank you to everyone who sent such heartfelt messages of support. It meant the world to us, and redoubles our commitment to making sure The Hambledon Gallery remains the special place it has always been to us all.

We look forward to many more memorable moments together.

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