New Arrival // Woden

Hans Christian Andersen.
Viggo Mortensen.
Mads Mikkelsen.
Err... Carlsberg.

All Danish exports who love the environment. Probably.

And now here's another to add to the list. Our brand new arrival - Woden shoes. OK... so everything is pretty new given we only reopened 2 weeks ago, but we're particular excited about Woden for a few reasons.

Firstly who doesn't love a bit of Scandinavian design. They're the masters, and Woden falls right into this rich design tradition. Simple, fashionable, functional.

Ronja Sneakers
Siri Waterproof Rubber Boots
Ydun Icon Sneakers

Even more importantly, and just like us at The Hambledon Gallery, Woden takes a sustainable approach: REDUCE. REUSE. RECYCLE.

They have replaced as many synthetic materials as possible with materials such as fish leather, a minimum of 10% recycled rubber in their outsoles and eco-friendly cork insoles in all their shoes. We can get onboard with that.

And most importantly of all - they are just plain comfortable. Pop in and try a pair!

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